Nature's Pond Conditioner (Spring & Summer)

Nature's Pond Conditioner (Spring & Summer)
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Nature's Pond Conditioner (Spring & Summer)

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Natureís Pond Conditioner is your solution for Clean Water with a Clear Conscience.

To keep your pond in optimal health you need to nourish it with Natureís Pond Conditioner. Koendersí industry leading all-in-one organic conditioner is comprised of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, plant extracts, enzyme blends and natural food-grade dyes.

The bacteria and enzymes feast on excess nutrients like debris, fish droppings, run off, accumulated pond sludge and phosphates. The food dye adds a blue/green color to your water, enhancing its natural beauty.

The Benefits of Natureís Pond Conditioner include:

Itís a natural and organic way to care for your pond. Creates clean, clear and health ponds. Promotes a natural eco-system. Improves water quality for healthier fish and increased livestock weight gain Reduced pond sludge. Itís an easy, effective and affordable way to enjoy nature